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Happy Bhag Jayegi

“HAPPY BHAG JAYEGI” is breezy, but baseless!
With a poorly written titular character and a half-baked contrived screenplay, the film merely manages to not-bore-you-out. Clocking just over 2 hours, the film has its share of fun moments that make it an easy watch in the first half, but it’s the second half that stumbles and spoils a show that could’ve been quite decent. Watchable only in the absolute free time that you may have this weekend, not worth specially making time for.

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RUSTOM is intriguing and engaging!
Based on a true incident, RUSTOM is stylishly mounted and interestingly narrated. Not devoid of flaws and despite being overdramatized, the film is a decent entertainer that absorbs you with its scheming screenplay. Akshay Kumar’s controlled charisma deserves applause. Definitely worth a watch this weekend!

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Mohenjo Daro

MOHENJO DARO is grand and gripping, but lacks depth!
Narrating a love story set in “Mohenjo Daro”, one of the largest settlements of the ancient Indus Valley Civilization, director/writer Ashutosh Gowariker displays questionable history and hardly justifies the need to set this fictional film in that period. However, by weaving a gripping drama around a flimsy plot, he keeps you glued for the film’s long runtime of almost quarter to three hours. Worth a watch for it grand sets and Hrithik’s whole-souled performance, but not for historical interest.

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SULTAN is totally mainstream, but surprisingly soulful!
With a brilliantly written central character performed by an astoundingly genuine Salman Khan, this film truly packs a punch in every sense of the word. Despite being predictable and fraught with most conventional Bollywood flaws, the film shines on account of its absorbing screenplay, technical finesse, controlled melodrama, and heartfelt performances. Definitely worth a watch!

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