Fukrey Returns

FUKREY RETURNS is inconsistent and incoherent!Interesting characters and rustic vibes give FUKREY RETURNS the same flavour as its predecessor, but a confuse...[Read More]

Thor: Ragnarok

THOR: RAGNAROK is exciting and too much fun!With THOR: RAGNAROK, the Avengers franchise gets a cheerful motion of energy, which is funny, wacky, spectacular...[Read More]


ITTEFAQ is flawed, but quite engrossing!Clocking just a little over quarter-to-two hours, ITTEFAQ is a double murder mystery that has its fair share of susp...[Read More]

Golmaal Again

GOLMAAL AGAIN is unoriginal, but a passable entertainer!With the same characters, similar set pieces and resembling gags, there’s a feeling of déjà vu in ev...[Read More]

Secret Superstar

SECRET SUPERSTAR isn’t perfect, but heart-warming and totally engaging!Despite a predictably melodramatic plotline, SECRET SUPERSTAR is a sweet film about f...[Read More]


CHEF is sweet and pleasing, but not tangy enough!Apart from carrying a relevant message at its core, CHEF provides you with a treat of some mouth-watering d...[Read More]

Judwaa 2

JUDWAA 2 is loud and regressive, yet passable!Propelled solely by the magnetic charm of its leading man Varun Dhawan, JUDWAA-2 is watchable despite a lame s...[Read More]

Lucknow Central

LUCKNOW CENTRAL is a bland jail-escape drama!Nearly 2.5 hours long, LUCKNOW CENTRAL offers nothing new in terms of story or storytelling. With scenes rangin...[Read More]


SIMRAN is an average film, made watchable by a brilliant performance!Well mounted, with high production values and an authentic setting, Hansal Mehta’s port...[Read More]


DADDY is gritty and well-constructed, but extremely slow-paced!Marked by stellar performances from Rampal and the supporting cast, this true story of the ga...[Read More]

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