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“2.0” is a grand spectacle that’s captivating but not convincing!

Displaying what Indian Cinema can achieve if funded well with money and vision, “2.0” is an ambitious exhibition of visual effects which is truly impressive in its scope and scale. What it lacks in narrative heft, is compensated by the marvelous graphic display of action, born in the mind of master writer/director Shankar. Entertaining enough to deserve a watch!

Synopsis: A grave threat to humanity looms large in the form of a mysterious birdman, who will destroy anything that stands in the way of his war against technology. It is now up to Dr. Vaseegaran to revive his most ingenious creation - the humanoid Chitti - to stop the nightmarish rampage of the birdman.

The great thing about 2.0 is that it wastes no time in getting to the point. Fast-paced and consistently engaging, it keeps you entertained for all of its 140 minutes. Writer/Director Shankar, has a unique knack of thinking out-of-the-box and he showcases his prowess with élan here. Aided resourcefully with some mind-blowing CGI, this film raises the Indian cinema’s bar way too high in terms of VFX quality. Seems like all the crazy stuff that Shankar had in his mind is perfectly projected on screen by his exceptionally skilled tech-team.

While the tech-team does a great job with execution, one needs to recognize and appreciate the fantastic visionary that Shankar is. His idea takes shape in the form of the most amazing visuals you’ve ever seen on Indian screens yet. I have to admit though that after a while, this overdose of unusual ideas becomes a tad exhausting, more so because the script has very little to offer in terms of content. The storyline is run-of-the-mill stuff, and it lacks intrigue. While all this could’ve meant a bland affair, the unbelievable audio-visual sensory that the film offers just makes up for most of its screenplay flaws. Eventually, the product stands out for its unforeseen production values and decent entertainment quotient. The background score is terrific.

The actors do a great job as well. Superstar Rajinikath displays his usual suave and is absolutely riveting as both the scientist as well as the Robot. He’s mastered this art and is truly worthy of all the hype around him. Akshay Kumar also shines bright in his Tamil debut. He’s mostly seen in prosthetics and virtual graphics, but you do realize the power of his performance which is evident in his expressions and body language. He’s a bonafide star for a reason. Amy Jackson has very little to do, and performs aptly. Adil Hussain appears in a brief role, and delivers just what the doctor ordered. All others in the cast are just passable.

In all, 2.0 is a film that has to be enjoyed as a true-blue blockbuster which entertains with its spectacle, more than its content. You do feel underwhelmed by the quality of content, but you definitely are served with the best quality of visuals ever produced in the history of Indian cinema. Technically, this film is a giant leap forward, and just for that I recommend you watch it once. Worth a watch!

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