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A Gentleman
A Gentleman

A GENTLEMAN is a stylish popcorn entertainer, and nothing more!

Riding high on the back of its gorgeous lead pair and dazzling locales, this latest rom-com-actioner has very little to offer in terms of substance, yet manages to keep us hooked with its casual attitude and hep presentation. At a little over two hours, this is watchable, but only if you have nothing else to do this weekend.

Gaurav (Sidharth Malhotra) is in love with Kavya (Jacqueline Fernandes) and dreams of marrying her. He likes to live by rules and is content with his 'same shit different day' routine. On the other hand, Kavya seeks for someone who likes to take risks and is adventurous; someone like Rishi (Sidharth Malhotra again), who looks exactly like Gaurav! In a hilarious case of mistaken identity, Gaurav is at the risk of losing everything he has worked very hard for, including Kavya.

The first impression A GENTLEMAN gives you is that it’s yet another repetitive rom com, but gladly there’s some difference in the presentation. Especially the first half is narrated in a very smart manner, the twist of which is disclosed only at the intermission. This brings life to the otherwise mundane screenplay. However, post interval, the proceedings never really rise above the ordinary. But with consistent doses of smart humour, well-paced narrative, beautiful locations in Miami and some groovy music, the film qualifies as passable entertainment, if you don’t apply too much mind.

The performances are okay, as the film’s script never really demands much of its actors. Sidharth Malhotra looks suave and carries the film on his shoulders with utmost maturity. Jacqueline looks hot, and her performance is passable too. Sunil Shetty is never at ease and all others merely fill the gaps.

To sum up, A GENTLEMAN is a glossy rom-com, which is never boring. While it isn’t something I’d recommend, it sure is tolerable.

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