“ABCD-2” is an unadulterated dance fiesta!
With a lame script, forced emotions, and a predictable underdog story, this film has very little for serious cinema-lovers. However, with generous doses of amazingly choreographed dance sequences from start till the end, it’s a feast for dance lovers. If great dancing is all what you’re looking for, this film proves to be a good one-time-watch.
The story traces the journey of an Indian dance troupe, a motley assortment of boys and girls who come from the backstreets of a Mumbai suburb and their rise to fame.
After giving India its first 3D dance film in ABCD, Remo D’Souza returns with yet another dance saga with bigger stars, grander sets, spectacular choreography which travels to the vibrant city of Las Vegas this time round. While the lack of heft in the script is a given in this genre, I still believe the directors could put in some effort to elevate the quality of screenplay so as to impress a larger audience. Nevertheless, most people come expecting unforeseen choreography and some jaw-dropping dance moves, which this film provides in abundance. There’s dance right from the word go and it’s mostly outstanding. Also, with a popular star cast, the film appeals to a larger mass. The sets are opulent, the choreography is striking and the overall dance is effectively exciting.
Apart from the unidimensional story of the underprivileged Indian troop, you also see a lot of international dance groups whose performances are awe-inspiring to say the least. The music is great and goes well with the feel throughout. The 3D this time is soothing to the eyes and relatively effective.
In the acting department, there’s not much to be talked about, as there’s virtually no content in the narrative. Varun Dhawan dances wondrously and blends-in seamlessly, although falls a tad short in comparison with the super-talented supporting cast. Shraddha Kapoor too impresses with her dance moves, considering she isn’t supposedly among the best dancers in the industry. Prabhu Deva is simply breathtaking. All the other choreographers are superb.
In all, “ABCD-2” is enjoyable purely as a dance event and not as a film. If you’re fond of dancing or even just watching it, you won’t be disappointed. Qualifies as decent pastime if you keep your expectations low.
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