“BAAGHI” is clichéd and a formulaic entertainer!
With an uninspiringly predictable plot, terrible performances, and illogical screenplay, this film is a quintessential mass-appealer made with the sole objective of playing it to the gallery. But with non-stop engaging action and the charm of its committed lead star Tiger Shroff, the film qualifies as a passable drama that can be watched if you have some free time over the weekend.
BAAGHI is the story of Ronny (Tiger Shroff), a rebellious 23-year-old from Delhi. Fearing his unruly and angry temperament his father sends him to a disciplinary academy set in a sleepy town in Kerala. While traveling to the academy he meets Siya (Shraddha Kapoor) who also carries a rebellious streak but nonetheless spark fly between them. After his enrollment, Ronny encounters the star student Raghav and things get awry between them when Raghav falls for Siya as well. Thus begins their battle to win her heart.
The film is fraught with the infamous ills of Bollywood dramas of the 80’s and 90’s, with the Hero, Heroine and Villain forming the love triangle. Yes, it’s as that. The script is devoid of anything novel. So lazy is the writing that even the parts that could’ve been new for a Bollywood film, like Kalaripayattu (Kerala based martial arts), seem lifted from Hollywood winners like ‘Kung Fu Panda’, ‘Karate Kid’. Even the penultimate fight sequence is a blatant copy of ‘The Raid - Redemption’. The makers however seem to do all this unapologetically, with a singular aim of feeding on the low taste of the mob at large.
But what keeps this film alive is the constant adrenaline rush maintained throughout, thanks to some jaw-dropping action sequences performed by its super-athletic cast. There isn’t a dull moment ever, and despite all the futile drama that plays on screen, you’re kept invested for all of its 2.5 hours. The developments are half-baked and so illogical are some scenes that its useless to even discuss them here. Just don’t think much and there’s a chance of you deriving guilty pleasure out of all this absurdity. The camera work is great and so is the fight choreography. The songs are hummable, although irrelevant.
The performances are not at all praiseworthy. But inspite of displaying very limited acting prowess, Tiger Shroff wins you with his dedication and awe-inspiring athleticism. What he lacks in acting, he makes up for it with his boyish charm, amazing strenuosity and great dancing abilities. His idolisation of Hrithik Roshan is evident in every frame, and he’s improved greatly over his last performance in the forgettable HEROPANTI. He forms the soul of this otherwise soulless film. Sudheer Babu as the main anti-hero looks appropriate and plays his part adequately. Shraddha Kapoor has little to do here and she does justice. All others are passable.
In all, BAAGHI is a substandard film that merely qualifies as a one-time watch for your free time. Not really recommended, but if you do go, go with minimum expectations.

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