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“BAAHUBALI – The Beginning” is epic, intriguing, dazzling and thoroughly entertaining!
Made on an imposing scale, this larger-than-life magnum-opus by the master filmmaker S.S. Rajamouli sets yet another benchmark in creative story-telling. With a fascinating plot, riveting screenplay, captivating VFX coupled with gorgeous visual shots, “BAHUBALI: The Beginning” is an extremely enjoyable quasi-mythological drama that shouldn’t be missed. Even the climax leaves you wanting for so much more, making the audience eagerly await the second part of the franchise – “BAAHUBALI – The Conclusion”, that’ll be out in 2016.
The story follows the life of a mighty young common man Shiva (Prabhas) who unknowingly becomes a hero, God and savior for a Kingdom he never knew was his. His return to his kingdom is the beginning of a fight against the evil.
This film is touted to be the most expensive production in the history of Indian cinema. BAAHUBALI is also one of the few films featured in BBC's documentary on 100 Years of Indian cinema directed by Sanjeev Bhaskar. It deserves all the recognition it has gained and more. Never have I ever enjoyed a Telugu film, dubbed in Hindi, as much as I enjoyed watching this. Be it the plot, the characters, or the visual wizardry, each aspect is built up so marvelously that you can hardly take your eyes off, despite its longish runtime of nearly quarter-to-three hours.
The script here is definitely not flawless, but it is extremely entertaining. Director Rajamouli is perhaps the most vivid story teller in our country today. His vision is exemplary and his execution is par excellence. There’s a dash of everything in this ambitious project of his. You have an effectively absorbing storyline, magnificent action sequences, a subtly woven love story, heroic feel, and all this is embellished with a thumping background score, beautiful locales, splendid sets, brilliant CGI and uniquely choreographed songs. Rajamouli knows exactly how to visually narrate his mind. The way he builds up the scene for his part II is again amazing. I bet it’ll be hard for you to wait till the next installment is out next year. The performances too are adequate, although the film never demanded too much out of its actors.
In all, “BAAHUBALI- The Beginning” is a blockbuster in the truest of sense. It’s sensible yet entertaining, pompous yet soulful. Do not miss this first part, and you’re sure to come back for the second as well. Go for it!

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