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Baar Baar Dekho
Baar Baar Dekho
“BAAR BAAR DEKHO” is chic and relatable, but convoluted!
Gorgeously filmed, this part sci-fi part rom-com movie has a golden message at its core that makes it relevant in today’s context. However, narrating an absolutely fictional story of a man who travels in time, the script often seems misguided and unconvincing. Nevertheless, despite all the gaps in its writing, the film deserves to be seen atleast once (if not Baar Baar) this weekend.
The story follows the life of Jai (Sidharth Malhotra) who suddenly gains the power to see the future of his relationship with his fiancé Diya (Katrina Kaif) and unknowingly jumps on a roller coaster as he rides back and forth in time witnessing the ups and down of his life through the test of time.
The film’s strength lies in its deep rooted vital substance that is about cherishing the small things in life, otherwise your life will be nothing but a highlight of a handful of events. This message is conveyed with great conviction and sincerity. But, it’s the lack of convincingness in the screenplay that spoils the show to some extent. It’s understandable that the director/writer employs fictional tricks to express his point, but there’s still a way to make it convincing. Sadly, with constant iterations, Director Nitya Mehra makes things look repetitive.
The film however has its fair share of highpoints and great moments that stand out and make the film a riveting watch. Visuals and aesthetics are par excellence. Everything looks refined, polished and uber-cool. The setting, the lingo, the dialogue, everything fits in perfectly for an absolutely urban film. It won’t be surprising to see the film not fare well in single screens. The songs too are lovely.
The performances are competent. Sidharth Malhotra does a good job with his role of a confused young man who takes time to come to terms with this crazy development in his life. His transitions are smooth and quite believable. He isn’t perfect, but does complete justice to his part. Katrina Kaif struggles with her acting prowess and expressions, but more than makes up for it with her ethereal looks and killer moves. All others are swell.
In all, as I wrote above, you can watch BAAR BAAR DEKHO once, not sure about Baar-Baar.
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