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Bajrangi Bhaijaan
Bajrangi Bhaijaan
“BAJRANGI BHAIJAAN” is low on content, but a decent entertainer!
With a low-IQ, non-enriching plot, this blockbuster provides very little food-for-thought. But generous doses of Salmanism, coupled with irresistible cuteness of the little girl Harshali will keep both, the actor’s true blue fans and the family audiences totally gratified. Way better than Salman’s last outing, the dim-witted “Kick”, this film makes for a decent one-time watch, despite all its imperfections.
The story is about a young mute girl from Pakistan, who loses herself in India with no way to head back. A devoted man (Salman Khan) with a magnanimous heart undertakes the task to get her back to her motherland and unite her with her family.
You can’t complain for lack of absolute coherence in a Salman film, as that’s the way it’s supposed to be. But all said, this is one of the most enjoyable Salman Khan films I’ve seen in the recent past. It never allows you to deviate throughout its long runtime of 2 hours 45 minutes, and that’s all you need from a movie of this genre. Never is it insightful or savvy, but let’s face it, you never expected it to be that way either. So basically, the screenplay has gaping holes, defies logic on several occasions and caters to the low taste of the mob, yet it’s never boring.
The characters are pretty clichéd and the developments barely surprise you, as anyone can see the climax from really, really far. But to its credit, it still holds you with all its immature build-ups, consistent doses of decent humour and melodrama that is hard to resist. Each and every frame, dialogue and act is meant to play it to the gallery, and it does so with full panache. The visual shots are grand and look beautiful consistently, as is the case with all Kabir Khan movies. Even Kashmir is captured in the most sublime way possible. The background score is good, but songs, apart from the Atif Aslam romantic track “Tu Chahiye”, are average at best.
About the performances, all I can say is that they are adequate. Salman Khan enters with a roaring audience response and there’s no looking back. His each move is cheered and every antic appreciated with whistles and claps. He puts in much more energy in this film than what we’ve seen him do in the recent past. Kareena Kapoor has a small role, but performs it well. Nawazuddin Siddiqui captivates you whenever he appears. His dialogue delivery is always perfectly timed and he leaves a mark even in a relatively small role. But it’s the little girl Harshali who steals the show. Her adorable looks, charming actions and cute demeanour are the most riveting of all. She makes you cheer whenever she smiles and melts your heart with her tears each time. If for nothing else, watch this film for her alone. All others do a decent job.
In the end, “BAJRANGI BHAIJAAN” is imperfect and overdramatic, but never boring. Notwithstanding its average content, it’s a film that’s hard to dislike. Qualifies as a one-time watch!
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