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BHOOT POLICE is low IQ, but a breezy pastime!

A horror-comedy, which despite its puerile jokes and a non-scary horror-plot, works primarily due to Saif Ali Khan’s terrific comic flair. The fact that BHOOT POLICE doesn’t take itself too seriously is also something that works in its advantage. A watchable comedy!

The Plot: Two brothers who exploit people’s fear of the unknown for money, by pretending to hunt and eradicate ghosts, are assigned a real haunted project in a remote village. Will they be successful?

Right from the very start, BHOOT POLICE makes it clear that it is not meant to be taken seriously at all. It’s evident from its opening frame, which for some reason, is a quote from Abraham Lincoln, saying: “To believe in things you can see and touch is no belief at all but to believe in the unseen is a triumph and a blessing”. Well, that sarcasm sets the tone for this comic caper, giving it a refreshing feel. The plot, albeit devoid of logic, is still engaging enough for the most part. The narration is well paced and there are a few really funny moments, which stand out.

The horror/suspense elements of the film however, are a let-down. There are hardly any chills, and most of it seems hurried and inept. Also, the overall funny tone of the movie eclipses even the slightest of scares. The film eventually does manage to bring itself to a decently satisfying end, which also opens doors for a sequel, but it still leaves a lot to be desired. But you have to give it to director Pavan Kripalani, that he keeps the proceedings crisp and absorbing for the most part.

Saif Ali Khan is the soul of this film. He ignites charm with his slick comic timing and fabulous portrayal of a sleazy and unapologetic charlatan. He’s the primary reason you are kept engaged. Arjun Kapoor also, does a good job of supporting Saif Ali Khan, and kudos to him being able to match up to his leading man’s standards. The leading ladies do a decent job and hold their posts well. All others are appropriately cast.

All-in-all, BHOOT POLICE is a guilty pleasure that doesn’t disappoint. It isn’t something that’ll linger in your mind for long, but is fun till it lasts. Watchable!

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