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Commando 2
Commando 2

COMMANDO-2 is all brawn and no brain!

Encashing on the recent economic development – Demonetization – COMMANDO-2 is a bloated, irrelevant B-grade film with impressive stunts. Relying heavily on its sinewy leading protagonist’s amazing athleticism and gravity defying stunts to entertain you, the film’s biggest achievement is the fact that it doesn’t bore you off to sleep. That said, it should be watched only if you need to kill two hours of your useless time this weekend.

The story shows India's most wanted Black Money agent, Vicky Chaddha, who gets arrested in Malaysia and is kept in a safe house by the Malaysian authorities along with his wife (Esha Gupta). A motley team of four is being sent to Malaysia to bring them to India. Apart from the growth of inter-personal relationships, the mission comprising major action sequences, has quite a few twists and turns on its way. How Karan (Vidut Jamwal) uses his brain and brawn to recover all the laundered black money, forms the rest of the story.

Director Deven Bhojani and writer Ritesh Shah’s work is subpar on all counts. While it’s easy to use popular jargons like demonetization, black-money, farmer-suicides, etc., it takes an intelligent writer-director combo to effectively execute such a theme. There are twists and turns in the screenplay, but the treatment is such that the film seems like poor man’s Abbas-Mustan thriller. The action stunts grab your eyeballs though, thanks to Jamwal’s extraordinary physical attributes. The surprises hardly shock you as the irrelevance of the plot makes sure you are least interested in what’s going on. The only thing keeping you awake is the fast-paced screenplay with some or the other activity (no matter how daft) going on. Thankfully there are no songs that stall the action on screen.

Of the actors, it’s a Vidyut Jamwal show all along. He plays a larger-than-life flawless character of a true patriot, who is invincible, both physically as well as mentally. His stunts are awe-inspiring and equally incredible are his chiselled physique and the level of physical fitness. He has to do a lot of work on his acting prowess though. Esha Gupta looks impressive in an endless number of fashionable dresses and gowns, which mind-bogglingly change after every one minute in the film. Adah Sharma is irritating in a role which although is intended to induce humour, never really does the job. Other stock characters are simply passable.

In all, COMMANDO-2 is a sapless film, despite all the muscular strength it displays on screen. And as mentioned earlier, unless you have two hours to kill, avoid this film.

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