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CHHICHHORE is an enjoyable film!

Bringing back those fond college memories, CHHICHHORE is sweet, funny, and totally heart-warming. With an essence of a Hirani film at its core, it’s a film that will definitely make you smile. Totally worth a watch!

CHHICHHORE takes you on a hilarious journey through college life where you meet a bunch of interesting “Losers”: Anni, Maya, Sexa, Derek, Mummy, Acid, and Bevda. They, as a group go through a seamless transition from past to the present and end up at a reunion they could never have thought of.

DANGAL fame director Nitesh Tiwari has come up with this feel-good film, which is, in a way, a blend of “3-Idiots” and “Jo Jeeta Wohi Sikandar”. Yes, it isn’t truly original in that sense, but it surely is consistently enjoyable. The characters feel real and you’re invested in each one of them, right from the word go. The frequent switch between the present and the past is executed immaculately, holding your attention throughout. The narrative pace maintains a great balance between entertainment as well as plot heft.  Despite clocking in at over 2.5 hours, the film passes by like a breeze. And that’s truly an accomplishment that Nitesh Tiwari can be proud of.

But what truly make this film worth your time are the heartfelt moments that take you back to those youthful college days. The developments are lively and it’s hard not to feel moved by their journeys. There’s that typical formulaic arc that sets in sooner than you expect, but it’s a mainstream film afterall. The underdog facet of the film isn’t fresh, but totally riveting to say the least. I do wish though, that director Tiwari wasn’t so emulative of Rajkumar Hirani cinema. That, and the fact that the makeup/ depiction of the present day characters was shoddy and unreal, are the two biggest pain points of this otherwise delightful film. The music blends in the storyline perfectly and the film is visually appealing too.

The actors do a good job and you heartily laugh and cry with them. While Sushant Singh Rajput, Varun Sharma, Tahir Bhasin and Naveen Polishetty get the best lines and screentime, all others are equally entertaining.

Light-hearted and harmless, “CHHICHHORE” is a film that will keep you smiling throughout. Go for it!

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