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De De Pyaar De
De De Pyaar De

DE DE PYAAR DE is a sensible comedy, but lacks depth!

Voicing concerns over real relationship issues that exist today, DE DE PYAAR DE tries hard to be a thoughtful “Social Comedy”. However, surface level treatment of the subject and an extremely slow pace make this film at best, a decent one time watch. While it’s better than most senseless Bollywood comedies, you can’t help but feel that it could’ve been so much better.

Ashish (Ajay Devgn) is 50. Ayesha (Rakul Preet Singh) is 50 - 24 = 26. When they meet in the beautiful by-lanes of London, the unconventional couple falls in love. But back in India there's just a small matter of Ashish's family: his kids, who are the same age as his new lady love, and his ex-wife Manju (Tabu) is still in the scene. Ashish is about to discover if "Old is still Gold" or age is just a number.

The concept, though not novel, has the potential to create so much satire. It’s sad to see that the makers are satisfied with just the generic comedy and not raising the bar. There are some truly great moments in the film which also reflect the appreciable sensitivity of  writer Luv Ranjan and Director Akiv Ali. However, such moments are few and far between, rendering this film yet another run-of-the mill rom-com.

Having said that, I’m happy that this film isn’t as misogynistic as Luv Ranjan’s previous ventures and that it has more gravity to its screenplay than most other Bollywood Romedies. Eventually, what it depicts isn’t entirely predictable, which is definitely a good thing. I only wish this film was truly brave and gave more time to the real issues than playing upon the usual clichés. Even the pace of the film is a problem here. It takes forever to unfold, making watching this film somewhat laboured. A lot of time is wasted on scenes that hardly matter, thereby stretching the film far too long. Even at a decent runtime of 2 Hours 15 minutes, the film feels long. The music is average and there are way too many songs. Visually though, the film scores high.

The performances are good. Ajay Devgn emotes well, although the screenplay lacks the heft to create any real impact. Rakulpreet looks pretty and does a decent job. However, it’s Tabu who steals the show yet again. She enters the film around the half-way mark, and simply owns the whole of it. Her appearance infuses a fresh breath of life into the draggy proceedings. Magnetic is the word. All others are passable.

To sum up, DE DE PYAAR DE is a decent entertainer which qualifies as a good family watch. It isn’t path-breaking, but manages to keep you hooked.

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