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DIL BECHARA is a massive disappointment!

With poor character writing, weak unaffecting screenplay and a half-baked love-story, DIL BECHARA is a substandard product, which is definitely not worthy of being the film that ends the legacy of Sushant Singh Rajput. If you truly wish to hold on to the fond memories of the bright star that Sushant was, I’d recommend you miss this one!

DIL BECHARA – an official Hindi adaptation of the book “The Fault In Our Stars” – is the story of a young, cancer patient who lives a hesitant life due to her disease. Then she meets Manny, a cancer survivor, and his zest for life teaches her how to live hers to the fullest again.

The most apparent problem that you observe in DIL BECHARA is that it appears to be a film made in a hurry, with little heed paid to the most elementary nuances, making it look like an incomplete product. Adding to these flaws is the fact that even the characters are sketchy. With no real background established for the characters, the conflicts and emotions in the film fail to create any impact whatsoever. Sadly, the worst victim of this poor writing is Sushant’s character “Manny”, whose backstory is absolutely blank. His grandmother sometimes appears out of nowhere in between the scenes, and you see his parents just once for 3 seconds in a silent scene. With such little character description, you really can’t expect the viewers to connect with the character or feel his pain

Even the love-story between the doomed lead pair is blurry. You see them meet for the very first time, where clearly the girl tries to avoid the boy who’s pursuing her relentlessly. However, within minutes, you see her fall madly in love with him. The trajectory is strange to say the least. The scene transition too is abrupt, which keeps the film moving at a brisk pace, even if it means not making sense of anything that’s happening on screen. Eventually, the film’s manipulative emotional tropes fail to work, because you never really connect. The beautiful songs composed by AR Rahman get lost in the hotchpotch of this poor execution.

As mentioned before, I wouldn’t want to remember this film or this performance as the last one of Sushant Singh Rajput. With such poor content and presentation, the film never really lets Sushant rise to the occasion and shine. His performance is reduced to a shadow of his usual self, unfortunately bringing his film journey to an end with a subpar act. He starts off strong with that charming college stage gig in the melodious title track, but it’s all downhill thereafter. The newcomer Sanjana Sanghi looks the part, but her potential is yet to be comprehended, as this film hardly gives her the scope to showcase her talent, if any. Saif Ali Khan appears in a truly bizarre cameo, which lasts just 2 minutes.

To sum up, it pains me to say that DIL BECHARA is a poor film. Given the circumstances, it’s hard to be practical while writing this review, but the fact is that this isn’t the send-off Sushant deserved. I know people will still want to watch this film to see his final act. How I wish he signed off with a better film!

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