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Doctor Strange
Doctor Strange

“DOCTOR STRANGE” is dazzling and funny, but unintelligible!

Visually creative, this latest origin story from the MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe) keeps the tone appealingly light and jokey throughout its two-hour run. However, with loads of gibber about bizarre concepts like mirror dimensions, sorcerers and whatnot, the screenplay is dragged down considerably. Thank God for the brilliant Benedict Cumberbatch who rises above the mediocre material with his unparalleled magnetism.

As the story goes, before he met the Sorcerer Supreme, Doctor Stephen Vincent Strange (Cumberbatch) was an unlikable and egotistical neurosurgeon. Everything changes when a car accident limits Strange's use of his hands, sending him on a maddening quest for a miracle cure.

There’s definitely no doubt about the fact that DOCTOR STRANGE is an extremely entertaining and footsure adaptation that manages to arouse more than enough charm to easily overlook its flaws. However, its viewers are more likely find themselves ‘amused’ rather than ‘moved’. Humour is its strongest virtue and that makes sure you’re engrossed throughout the proceedings. Even visually, as I mentioned before, this is the most creative work Marvel has done in years. If only the same amount of care that has gone into its visuals was put in the rest of it, Doctor Strange could've been a thoroughly satisfying adventure.

The content makes it seem like a poor man’s combination of ‘Inception’ and ‘Interstellar’. The concept of altering dimensions bounces over your head more times than you’d like, and eventually comes across as just a flaky gimmick to awe you. Nevertheless, Doctor Strange skilfully handles its outlandish source material, delivering an entertaining superhero origin story. Benedict Cumberbatch is the heart, soul and body of this flick. The brilliance of his acting skills coupled with his charisma and comic timing, makes this character almost as absorbing as the Iron-man, if not more. If it wasn’t for him, the film would’ve been a big letdown.

In all, DOCTOR STRANGE is much fun, but lacks gravity. A must watch  if you’re a Marvel fan, while for others, this will qualify as a decent pastime.

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