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Don’t Breathe
Don’t Breathe
“DON’T BREATHE” is artfully terrifying!
Visually resourceful, "Don't Breathe" is a breathless, splanchnic 90-minute thrill ride that doesn't stop coming at you until its final puffs. Smartly packaged with twists and turns in an uncompromising premise, this film is bloody exciting, and a must watch for all adults. Believe me, with “Don't Breathe” playing, it's not just the characters on the screen who'll find themselves holding their breath.
DON’T BREATHE is a story of a trio of reckless thieves who break into the house of a wealthy blind man, thinking they'll get away with the perfect heist. Sadly, they're wrong.
My first thought in the beginning was how are they going to keep all the thrills rolling in just this little house. But they did it and how! Unlike popular belief, this is not a gore-fest like Evil Dead. It's a tight film about normal people and what happens when they walk down the wrong path. And eventually you realise no one is innocent in this taut thriller.
It is a brutally tense thriller without having to lower itself to gimmicks such as loud noises and torture porn. The script does solid enough job knowing that it's the visuals and the actors' performances that sell the story. Its tense atmosphere has a good pay off. Writing anything more about this crisply edited (under 90 minutes) film might spoil the fun for you. It’s actually great for a fun night out with friends.
Of the performers, Stephen Lang has an efficacious presence and while we are engrossed in his act, we are also rooting for the survival of Rocky (played by an earnest Jane Levy) and her friends. “Don't Breathe” is a classic example of a simple but solid script improvised by a set of talented makers and cast to make for an extremely engaging fare.
To sum up, DON’T BREATHE is perhaps the best horror film/thriller of the year. Don’t miss it!

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