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Dream Girl

DREAM GIRL is a low-IQ comedy that keeps you decently entertained!

With simple humour, which is even puerile at times, DREAM GIRL is a film which never pretends to be anything more than a guilty pleasure - that’s what makes it work. Well-paced and lively screenplay, coupled with a cracking performance from Ayushmann Khurrana, DREAM GIRL makes for a good one-time-watch!

From the local cop to a ‘Haryanvi’ gujjar boy, to his girlfriend’s brother, everybody is smitten by Dream Girl “Pooja” (played by Ayushmann Khurrana) and her mesmerising voice, leading to a series of unusual, crazy situations. Set against the backdrop of Mathura, Dream Girl is a comedy of errors.

Without wasting much time, DREAM GIRL quickly gets to the point, leading us to a series of events which are consistently funny. While I wouldn’t rate the humour highly, it nevertheless is engaging throughout. Like in most mainstream Bollywood comedies, developments are unrealistic, and devoid of all logic. Having said that, there’s an inherent charm in the way this film is narrated and somehow it delves deeper than you expect.

The USP of this film is its fast paced engrossing screenplay. The two hours you spend watching this film, pass by like a breeze, and that’s exactly what most people want on a visit to the theatre. While its message is muddled, overall the film is effective. The songs also gel well with the flow of the narrative.

Ayushmann Khurrana is in top form. His unusual role choices have helped him have a consecutive string of successes over the past 3 years. Extremely riveting and full of life, this performance of his is one of his finest. He proves his mettle in an out-n-out comic caper. All others support him well.

Illogical, but consistently funny, “DREAM GIRL” is a film that is a good pastime option this weekend!

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