“FAN” is flimsy, yet fascinating!
Propelled by a refreshingly immersive act from SRK, playing both the superstar and his fan, this new product from YRF is well-paced and consistently engaging. However, with a script that’s far too unconvincing, it ends up being just an entertaining one-time-watch, and nothing more.
The story revolves around Gaurav (played by Shah Rukh Khan), a manic fan of the movie superstar Aryan Khanna (Shah Rukh Khan), who heads to Mumbai in order to wish his God a happy birthday. However, when things don't go according to plan, Gaurav's obsession with Aryan crosses the line, leading to unforeseen developments.
There are several commendable achievements attached to this project. First being the effective narration of a mainstream hindi cinema story without even a single song. Yes, there are NO songs in the film. Another apparent feature is the aesthetic visual presentation that’s comparable to any other top-class motion picture in the world. This technical finesse and such high production values are rarely seen in Indian cinema. The third, and the most terrific, is the consistently flawless 3D scanning of SRK’s look as the FAN Gaurav. The much younger look-alike of SRK developed by Greg Cannom (who also worked on the look of Rishi Kapoor in “Kapoor & Sons”) is brilliantly executed.
Director Maneesh Sharma has a knack of creating memorable characters. Remember what he did with Ranveer Singh in “Band Baja Baaraat”? The quirkiness attached with this new character of Gaurav, the Fan, is yet again contagious. The pacing of the screenplay too is just perfect, keeping the proceedings absolutely riveting for all of its 140 minutes. There’s never a dull moment, and the narrative just engrosses you completely.
But it’s sad to see such a polished package containing such flawed content. The script is highly unconvincing and that takes away a lot from the potential that this drama had. It starts off well, but the events graduate from initially asking for suspension of disbelief to eventually turning highly improbable. Even the climax is far too big of a stretch. Nevertheless, it’s definitely watchable as the pluses, slightly over-weigh the cons.
It goes without saying that SRK is the lifeline of this film. After a long time he’s given a performance that suits his stature. Portraying a stark contrast to his usual clichéd act in film after film, his new character infuses a freshness that’s welcome whole-heartedly. His switch from the strikingly unconventional Gaurav to the swaggering superstar is just superb. You just love it when Shah Rukh Khan really performs, as his magnetic screen presence is done justice with. He’s given this film his all, and is sure to win accolades in plenty. While you hardly see anyone else in the film, all other supporting actors are adequate.
To sum up, “FAN” is a decent entertainer that despite an extremely flawed content, is consistently riveting. If for nothing else, watch it for the extraordinary performance from SRK. Watchable!

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