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Fukrey Returns

FUKREY RETURNS is inconsistent and incoherent!

Interesting characters and rustic vibes give FUKREY RETURNS the same flavour as its predecessor, but a confused plotline and inconsistent humour dampen the potential fun you could’ve had with this sequel. It sure is watchable, just don’t expect it to be a laugh riot. At best, a passable entertainer!

FUKREY RETURNS picks up a year later from where it ended. Having enjoyed the spoils of war they had so audaciously waged, the Fukras are now at crossroads with their past, which is about to decide their future. Bent upon a merciless payback, Bholi Punjaban is back and all set to take the Fukras on a deadly ride!

To be very honest, just half an hour into the film, I lost track of the plot. Not because of a highly philosophical theme, but because of the disoriented script that the film offers. Somehow, so much happened so quickly that it hardly gave me time to understand what’s going on. I’m sure, many of you will have a similar experience. While this film has its fair share of inspired moments, these moments are few and far between. In a film like this, you expect a consistent fun-filled ride from start till the end – sadly, all you get is just a few laugh-out-loud moments in a 140-minute-long film. Don’t take me wrong, it surely isn’t boring by any means. You’d end up getting small bouts of entertainment every few minutes in the film and even the characters are such that you’ll stay invested, albeit half-heartedly. The problem I have is with the puerile treatment of an already incoherent narrative, which I believe, with the great characters in hand, could’ve been a hugely entertaining affair. The music is average, but the production values are swell.

Of the performers, it’s a Varun Sharma show all through. He gets the most screen space and despite all the buffoonery that he’s made to do, he ends up being the most liked character in the film. Richa Chadda isn’t as engaging as she was in the first part, but still does a decent job. Pankaj Tripathi also gets some really funny lines and raises the comic bar of the film with his raw humour. All others are adequate, playing supporting roles to the aforementioned characters.

In all, FUKREY RETURNS is an average film which at best qualifies as a one-time-watch for the absolutely free time you have this weekend. Don’t go in with many expectations, and chances are that you may be decently entertained. Watchable!

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