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Golmaal Again

GOLMAAL AGAIN is unoriginal, but a passable entertainer!

With the same characters, similar set pieces and resembling gags, there’s a feeling of déjà vu in every scene of GOLMAAL AGAIN. But thankfully, the humour (albeit not of high quality) is mostly engaging. All I can say is that it’s better than the last 2 instalments and it does qualify as a decent entertainment option for the whole family this Diwali weekend. Watchable!

Gopal (Ajay Devgn), Madhav (Arshad Warsi), Lucky (Tusshar Kapoor), Laxman Prasad (Shreyas Talpade) and Laxman (Kunal Khemu) are orphans who separate during their stay at the Jamnadas Orphanage. Life takes a full circle when they return to the orphanage, only to encounter with some spiritual bodies and find out a dark secret about the Orphanage where they were brought up.

The makers of this famous franchise deserve all credit for keeping the brand GOLMAAL alive for more than 10 years. The original cast reunites along with powerhouse performers like Tabu and Parineeti Chopra. Despite the relatively poor second and third instalments, it still is a highly awaited Diwali release this year. While it’s appreciable that Rohit Shetty and team openly admit the lack of logic (the tagline says “Iss Diwali Logic Nahin Sirf Magic”), you can’t really forgive them for the lack of freshness in the screenplay here. It’s evident that Rohit Shetty doesn’t want to tinker much with the formula that has been reaping him benefit for over a decade now, but as a film lover, you do expect to see something novel everytime you hit the theatres. But I’m sure the target audience of this franchise don’t really mind the mindlessness, and will still flock the theatres in hoards. Visually the film reeks of high production values and is as colourful as it gets in a Rohit Shetty film. Yes, the film is long, but thankfully, it’s never boring. The funniest bit is the running gag in the film that when the spirit possesses someone, he mimics Nana Patekar. Even the songs remind you of any other Golmaal film. So, basically as a film critic, there’s nothing much to like or criticize here. It is what it is, and delivers just what you expected of it.

The performances do justice to the film. Ajay Devgn is far better in a comic role this time around and is funny on most occasions. Arshad Warsi is his usual self, and so is Tusshar Kapoor, whose career is alive only because of this franchise. Kunal Khemu and Shreyas Talpade are consistently funny throughout. Tabu and Parineeti Chopra have come together in a film that’s totally not their type, but as is the case with good actors, their performance is just apt. All others, including Prakash Raj, Sanjay Mishra, Johnny Lever, Mukesh Tiwari and Neil Nitin Mukesh do what’s asked of them.

To sum up then, GOLMAAL AGAIN is the quintessential Rohit Shetty cinema that’s very loud, immensely colourful, funny in parts and totally devoid of logic. As long as you’re okay with this senselessness, you won’t be disappointed and will be decently entertained this Diwali season.

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