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Good Newwz

GOOD NEWWZ is consistently funny, but lacks depth!

While raising just a few pertinent questions, GOOD NEWWZ is mostly a no-brain comedy, intended for a good laugh and not to be taken seriously. As an entertainer, it’s totally worth your money, but if you’re expecting sense, you won’t be too impressed!

Varun and Deepti Batra are an urban, working couple from Mumbai, who`ve now met with the realization that they need to have a kid before it`s too late. Little do they know that on this reproductive journey, their fates would get tied with another couple - Honey and Monika Batra. Loud, garish landowners from Chandigarh, this couple is a complete contrast to Varun and Deepti. Their clash leads to hilarious, often ridiculous situations.

To the credit of the writers and director, the film has a novel premise and it’s absolutely hilarious from start till the end. It has great scenes, crackling dialogue and truly funny instances which keep you heartily entertained. Despite primarily being a multiplex entertainer, there’s slapstick humour and some illogical developments too. However, none of it really irks, as it induces genuine laughter afterall. Then there are some scenes which in the simplest possible manner show the pains and troubles that a mother goes through during pregnancy, which definitely ring true. While you’re laughing at it all along, honestly, it’s scary to think of being stuck in a medical situation like the one in which the protagonists find themselves in the film.

But there are problems too. Broadly, the film tackles a mature and pertinent subject of the problems modern couples face. However, going deeper, the film is as regressive as it could get. Talking about ‘pregnancy’ as the “be-all and end-all” for a woman, or rejecting the idea of adoption, saying “Apna Khoon aakhir Apna Hota Hai”, the film dilutes the whole progressive theme that it promised. Then, with some manipulative scenes, it tries hard to make you cry, but it’s hard to arouse emotions through such feigned melodrama. These problems aside, the look and feel of the film is glossy and chic.

The acting is good across. Akshay Kumar is exceptionally funny and Kareena Kapoor brings in the much needed believability in the character of Deepti, through her sincere act. Diljit Dosanjh and Kiara Advani too are extremely likeable in their loud gaudy avatars. Adil Hussain and Tisca Chopra playing the specialist doctors are great too.

To sum up, GOOD NEWWZ is funny, entertaining and totally worth your buck. Just don’t expect too much heft in narrative, and you’ll end up having a good time at the cinemas this weekend. Go for it!

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