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Happy Bhag Jayegi
Happy Bhag Jayegi
“HAPPY BHAG JAYEGI” is breezy, but baseless!
With a poorly written titular character and a half-baked contrived screenplay, the film merely manages to not-bore-you-out. Clocking just over 2 hours, the film has its share of fun moments that make it an easy watch in the first half, but it’s the second half that stumbles and spoils a show that could’ve been quite decent. Watchable only in the absolute free time that you may have this weekend, not worth specially making time for.
The plot: After fleeing an arranged marriage, a feisty Indian woman (Diana Penty) finds herself stranded in Pakistan where the ex-governor's son (Abhay Deol) helps reunite her with her boyfriend.
The biggest ill that plagues this film is the lack of strength in the central character. While the film revolving around ‘Happy’ seems passable, the central character appears to be totally out-of-place and overshadowed. Right from writing to screen-space, no one really cared much about ‘Happy’. Then the script is so devised, that even those mindless Indian TV comedy shows seem more intelligent. Nevertheless, it’s the film’s breezy feel that keeps you hooked, despite all the flaws and gaping holes in the narrative.
While it’s never boring or tiresome, HAPPY BHAG JAYEGI never rises above the clichéd and ordinary. You have a predictable, yet fumbling plot, coupled with banal comic instances and characters that seem so familiar due to their echoed creation. The idea, although not original, could’ve made for a funny film. Alas, it’s wasted with heavy handed treatment, subpar performances and a verbose screenplay. Visually the film is appealing, with believable set pieces and high production values and the music is passable.
Among the performers, it’s Abhay Deol who expectedly is the life of the project. He carries the weight of the film and holds its tattered pieces together. Definitely subdued by the mediocrity of the film, he’s still the most dependable of the lot. Jimmy Shergill is another bright spot in this otherwise plain affair. He almost reprises his Tanu-Weds-Manu character here, and does a good job. Diana Penty playing the title character is a disappointment, but that’s less of her mistake and mostly the writer’s flaw. Her role is ill-sketched and the screen-time is perhaps the least among the central characters. With questionable acting prowess, she should’ve been used more smartly, but that isn’t the case. Ali Fazal is genuine and Piyush Mishra is teriffic, sadly, all for a lost cause.
In all, HAPPY BHAG JAYEGI is passable but too stupid to be memorable. Immensely flawed, this film is at best worth a one-time-watch if you’ve got nothing better to do. Average!

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