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HINDI MEDIUM is a well-meant, but flawed satire!

Held together solely by Irrfan Khan’s terrific comic timing, HINDI MEDIUM tries to raise a point by mocking the current trend in child education among the affluent families in metro cities. While it makes its voice heard, it lacks the impact owing to a deficient script and a below-par supporting cast. Nevertheless, it is watchable for its noble intentions and Irrfan’s absorbing act.

HINDI MEDIUM is a situational comedy based on social issues. It's a family-oriented story of a couple who is determined that their 3 year-old daughter should study in an English medium school and they leave no stone unturned to achieve this goal.

The subject matter of consideration in this film is extremely relevant to say the least. The growing belief that English speaking skills determine the class of a person is surely something to be cautious of. It’s alarming to note that in a country which takes pride in being a predominantly Hindi speaking nation, whose language and culture is now being recognized and appreciated even in the west, we have a growing number of educated families which are ashamed of speaking their mother tongue in public. Honesty has taken a back seat and pretentious exhibition has now become the norm. Big schools with a legacy also feed off this trend, and instead of dismissing it, they impel this theory. In that sense, the film does a good job of atleast raising an issue.

But it’s the execution that fails big time. The script has gaping holes and writing too is over-the-top. In most instances the film goes a step too far, diluting the seriousness of the subject at hand. The conflicts are mostly baseless and over indulgence is apparent in most scenes. The characters are sketched with broad strokes and not much effort has gone into scrubbing beneath the surface. Visually the film is apt and the music is catchy. If only the screenplay had the cohesiveness, this film could’ve turned out a gem.

Among the actors, it’s an Irrfan Khan show hands down. He carries the film and lights up the scene every single time he appears. If it wasn’t for him, the film was a disaster. Saba Qamar, Amrita Singh and most other actors just ham their way through the proceedings. Deepak Dobriyal is another shining star in the film, but he gets to play a relatively small role.

In all, HINDI MEDIUM is pertinent in context but lacks the content to back its swell intent. Still, watch it for Irrfan Khan and I’m sure you won’t be disappointed.

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