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Housefull 3
“HOUSEFULL 3” is whacky crap!
Intended to be funny, this mindless drama with insane developments and terrible performances is nothing but a big fat bore. Not even half as funny as its prequels, this film sets a new low benchmark for comedy films in India. Absurd and idiotic, HOUSEFULL-3 should be avoided at all costs.
HOUSEFULL-3 is a comedy of errors which revolves around the story of three men who try to convince a father that they are the perfect matches for his 3 young and beautiful daughters.
To be honest, I had minimal expectations from this film before I went in to see it. And then to have come out bored and tired speaks volumes about the film’s poor quality. Director-writer duo Sajid-Farhad tries to push in every possible mistaken-identity cliché and every possible Whatsapp joke in this new comic caper of theirs. Their names sound like the union of Sajid Khan and Farah Khan, and their work justifies it to a T.
Having a big banner to produce it, the film’s production values are high. While the locales and set-pieces look splendid, the content is absolutely worthless. The intention was to make a funny roller-coaster, alas, all it induces are a few chuckles here and there. Those chuckles too are more like oasis in a desert and not genuine fun.
The songs are terrible and so are the performances. If Akshay Kumar overdoes each scene he appears in, Riteish Deshmukh is not far behind. Both of them are good actors, but appear to be clowning due to lack of any real stuff for them to do. Abhishek Bachchan apparently struggles with comedy, and that’s sad, given the fact how immaculate his father’s comic timing has been. The leading ladies just can’t act. Boman Irani, as always, sinks deep into the character, but to a losing cause. Jackie Shroff’s small role serves little purpose. All others are pointless.
To sum up then, if you’re expecting some fun time in the cinemas this weekend, “HOUSEFULL-3” is definitely not the right destination for you. It’s long and draggy and completely nonsensical. Stay away!
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