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Jai Gangaajal
Jai Gangaajal
“JAI GANGAAJAL” is engaging, but lacks depth!
With good performances, genuinely earthy feel and a gripping screenplay, JAI GANGAAJAL keeps you hooked throughout. But a flimsy script, highly melodramatic sequences and a long runtime of nearly quarter-to-three hours considerably reduce the impact of this sequel, which definitely is a far cry from the original cult.
The story revolves around SP Abha Mathur (Priyanka Chopra) who is appointed as the first female SP of Bankipur district. She then goes against the Local MLA of Bankipur (Manav Kaul) and his henchmen to combat the growing political manipulation of law and order.
The film has all the elements that make for a good mass-crowd-puller. Patriotic melodrama, lady protagonist fighting the system alone, hoot-worthy dialogues and a riveting screenplay. However, it lacks the meat that we’ve now come to expect of a Prakash Jha film. The plot is predictable and the script is elementary. No new ground-breaking ideas or revelations form part of this contextually insipid film. While the developments are absorbing, the results are predictable. There are flaws galore and plenty of times suspension of disbelief is called for.
Director Prakash Jha this time takes the very popular route and his intention to feed to the low taste of the mob is totally evident. He keeps the proceedings taut and seems surefooted with his approach. However, the quality of cinema he offers here is quite ordinary. He may satiate his financial quest, but creatively, this ranks among his worse efforts. Nevertheless, you’ll be constantly involved while you’re watching the film, and will be tested only towards the extremely long climax, when the predictable end eludes you. The music is true to the feel of the film and the visual designing is appropriate.
Talking of the performances, it’s hard not to observe the overplay. Each one performs to make you understand every implication of theirs. Subtlety is definitely not this film’s strength. While Priyanka Chopra is being promoted as the main lead of this film, and she has been given plenty of screen-space, it’s the director himself who hogs all the limelight on screen. Prakash Jha surprises us with his controlled acting prowess and great performance instincts. While he still lacks the subtle nuances, he supports the protagonist adeptly, with his menacing anti-hero act. And coming back to Priyanka Chopra, her committed effort deserves all praises. This may not be the most challenging acting performance she’s given, but is surely her most challenging physical outing in Bollywood. She is magnetic throughout. The superbly talented Manav Kaul gives another thumping performance, although the loud undertone of the film makes it seem not-so-serious. All others play their part well, but play it consistently over-the-top.
In all, “JAI GANGAAJAL” is a decent entertainer that engrosses while it lasts, but lacks the content that won the original GANGAAJAL all the accolades. Worth a watch nevertheless!
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