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Jolly LLB 2
Jolly LLB 2

“JOLLY LLB 2” is funny and engaging!

Without taking itself too seriously, this breezy satire on the Indian legal system keeps you involved throughout, despite all the holes in its surface-level script. Guided by impressive performances and a humorous tone, this second instalment of the court-drama franchise deserves a watch.

This sequel to the national award winning film “Jolly LLB” shows a small-time lawyer, Jolly (Akshay Kumar), take up a huge case where he fights against the corrupt and the powerful, and happens to be the last man standing up for justice against injustice.

A typical Akshay Kumar massy affair, JOLLY LLB 2, is filled with humour, jingoism, and despite all its shortcomings eventually has its heart in the right place. In the film world of Akshay Kumar, you’d find him responsibly conveying a social message but in the most commercial way possible. Jokes are cracked anytime and anywhere, well-timed heavy dialogues intend to steal the moment every few minutes, and then there’s the formulaic melodrama which makes sure the general audience is emotionally invested throughout. All these reek of mediocrity in the context of proper film-making, but Bollywood satires starring Superstars don’t go by any rules. Eventually, the product should be entertaining, which JOLLY LLB 2 totally is.

The script has several flaws, but these never pose a problem during events that unfold in the screenplay. The sets and atmosphere stay true to the basic nature of UP, as we know of it. Even the pacing is appropriate, although the first half longs for better editing. The songs are average and so is the background score. They don’t really add much to the content. The production values too are decent.

Coming to the performances, Akshay Kumar yet again puts up an earnest show that wins your heart. Although his actions are resonant of his earlier performances, he is riveting nonetheless. He carries the film in his inimitable style. Annu Kapoor is also in full form. He’s given a character nothing less than a caricature, but he elevates it into something really interesting and keeps you invested in his antics throughout. All others, including the dependable Huma Qureshi and the terrific Saurabh Shukla do an excellent good job.

To sum up, JOLLY LLB 2 is a fun film that’s consistently watchable. It has a quality core but flawed exterior, still a good film that deserves two and a half hours of your time.

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