Judgementall Hai Kya



Judgementall Hai Kya

JUDGEMENTALL HAI KYA is quirky and novel, but eventually a drag!

Propelled by outstanding performances from Kangana Ranaut and Rajkumar Rao, JUDGEMENTALL HAI KYA is a film that deserves praise for its originality. However, at the same time, it’s a classic case of a great opportunity wasted, owing to some confused writing. With an interesting first half and a disoriented second, JUDGEMENTALL HAI KYA is, at best, a one-time watch.

The story is a black comedy revolving around two individuals whose lives pivot between reality and illusions.

The film starts off on a promising note, with unconventional characters, fresh narrative, great background score and superb visual treatment. Technically the film scores really, really high. Even the plotline seems extremely intriguing, especially till the intermission.

However, it’s in the second half that the film faulters and gets disoriented completely. The whole screenplay becomes inaccessible, leading to an illogical climax. Describing any more would mean giving out spoilers, which I would refrain from.

But the film still makes for a decent one-time watch. Despite all the script problems, there’s no doubt that the film’s originality is worth appreciation. The overall theme is novel. The performances from the lead actors leave an indelible mark. Kangana Ranaut is mind blowing. With an immaculate depiction of a character so difficult to portray, she leaves you stunned. Even Rajkumar Rao is exceptional. Enigmatic and apparently conniving, his portrayal also keeps you on the edge. The supporting cast does a good job as well.

To sum up, “JUDGEMENTALL HAI KYA” is a film which could’ve been an exceptional product, had it stuck to its logical path. Alas, it ends up being a case of muddled storytelling, which fails to live up to its own potential. Passable for a selective audience, for most others it could be a tedious watch.

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