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Judwaa 2
Judwaa 2

JUDWAA 2 is loud and regressive, yet passable!

Propelled solely by the magnetic charm of its leading man Varun Dhawan, JUDWAA-2 is watchable despite a lame script, unmodern treatment and total lack of ingenuity. With a runtime of over 2.5 hours, it at best qualifies as a pastime for your absolutely free time.

Raja and Prem - the iconic Jodi from “Judwaa” are back after 20 years. Twin brothers Raja and Prem are separated at birth after their father exposes a kingpin and his racket. They eventually come together to battle a smuggling ring and save their family from certain doom. Set in Mumbai and in London, the twins create confusion in both these worlds.

You can’t help but feel the retrograde syndrome in every scene. The dialogues are literally thrown at your face, each line is punctuated and expressions, hammed up. If it wasn’t for the glossy visuals, you could’ve easily mistaken it for a Bollywood film of the 90s. David Dhawan had taken the smarter route with “Chashme Baddoor” but again seems to be going back to his hugely successful formula. However, I doubt this formula would work today as effectively as it did about two decades ago.

But thankfully the film is consistently high spirited and you encounter no dull moments whatsoever. No matter how illogical things get, the momentum never ceases. The look and feel is top notch and there is that palpable nostalgia skilfully attached to this rehash. The songs keep the spirit alive, especially the remixed ones from the original.

Varun Dhawan is the soul of this film. He hams it up (obviously intentionally) big time and delivers exactly what the doctor ordered. He is a mass crowd puller and has the star-power one needs to make it big in Bollywood. But even after all the aforesaid praises, I still believe this film doesn’t do justice to his calibre. He is made to imitate a subpar performance (that is of Salman in original Judwaa) and not do his own thing, in which he excels. The supporting cast is bearable. Rajpal Yadav has some funny lines, Anupam Kher is his seasoned self, and Tapsee and Jacqueline provide great eye-candy.

In all, JUDWAA-2 isn’t as funny as you want it to be. It just serves as a decent pastime for those who don’t mind lack of logic, lack of originality and lack of smartness in a weekend film outing. Watchable, but not recommended!

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