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Kapoor & Sons
Kapoor & Sons
“KAPOOR & SONS” is endearing and heart-warming!
Without indulging into the usual traps of a quintessential Bollywood film, this effective family drama from director Shakun Batra is a gem that’s truly moving. Despite its leisured pace, the film is consistently engaging, driven by lifelike performances from its ensemble cast. If you’re an adult, do not miss it!
Rahul (Fawad Khan) and Arjun (Sidharth Malhotra), two estranged brothers are forced to return to their childhood home in Coonoor, when their 90-year-old Grandpa (Rishi Kapoor) gets a heart attack. The brothers arrive in India to find that their little family isn't as perfect as they had imagined. Their parents no longer sleep in the same room and the family is going through a severe financial crunch. While living under one roof, family secrets unravel and misunderstandings are on the verge of turning into tragedy. What follows is a mishmash of chaos, humour, heartache and redemption.
Terrific writing is the key to this immensely immersive film-watching experience. The enactment is true-to-life and each scene gives you a novel insight into the world of this endearing Kapoor Family. Well-sketched characters and a well-rounded plot propel this film. It has appropriate doses of humour, warmth, love and grief, which keep you involved throughout its runtime.
Another cardinal component is the film’s pacing. It is deliberately slow paced, for you to savour all the flavours of life it unfolds. The screenplay is extremely real. Not that its completely flawless. There are some convenient revelations and a few exaggerated sequences too, but these are very few and far between. Overall, the feel is absolutely genuine. Even the look of the film, set in the gorgeous Coonoor, is truly exceptional. The songs are lovely, and so is the contemporary spirit of the film.
The performances play a significant role in making this film the winner that it is. I want to start with grandpa Rishi Kapoor’s superb act of the hearty nonagenarian. His facial make-up does seem a bit overdone, but his eyes alone emote plenty. His comic timing too is exemplary. Coming to the parents Rajat Kapoor and Ratna Pathak Shah, they’re extremely assured and almost magically fit into their given characters. It’s hard to find a flaw in their acts. The leading men Sidharth and Fawad portray with immense subtlety the complex roles of mature brothers who’re struggling emotionally within, while trying hard to stay united despite all the differences between them. Alia Bhatt again displays her brilliance in playing an effervescent young girl who remains chirpy even with all the grief that she keeps inside of her. Amazingly controlled act. All others are just apt.
To sum it all up, KAPOOR & SONS is a veritably layered film which brings out a family’s emotional journey with utmost genuineness. Go for it!

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