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KEDARNATH is clichéd, but passable!


A blatant copy of Hollywood classic TITANIC, this film lacks novelty and ingenuity. However, this run-of-the-mill content is enhanced by a charming lead pair and pleasing visuals, which make this film a decent pastime. Watch it if you have two hours of absolutely free time!

Set on a 14-kilometer pilgrimage from Gauri Kund to Kedarnath, the 2000-year-old holy temple of Lord Shiva, KEDARNATH is the story of Mansoor (Sushant Singh Rajput), a reserved and reticent Pithoo (porter), who helps pilgrims make an arduous journey upwards to the temple town. His world turns around when he meets the beautiful and rebellious Mukku (Sara Ali Khan) who draws him into a whirlwind of intense love. However, destiny has other plans for these lovers amidst the uncertainties of life, nature and broken hearts.

As mentioned earlier, the major problem with this film is the lack of newness. It’s the desi version of TITANIC, set in the backdrop of the recent Uttarakhand tragedy. The film shares the basic theme similarity with Titanic – being a disaster film. But director Abhishek Kapoor doesn’t stop at just this similarity. He puts a similar love story at the core and copies the screenplay nearly scene-by-scene. The only difference is that the storyline here is terribly regressive. While it may be reflective of the social beliefs in the area, it definitely isn’t ideal.

Having said that, the film isn’t unwatchable. With a crisp runtime of just 2 hours, it somehow manages to keep you involved. Yes, the narrative is wafer-thin and has nothing to boast of really, but the love story has its charm – mainly owing to the bright stars playing the lead. Filmed in some of the most beautiful North-Indian valleys, the film is a visual delight as well. Also affecting are the climax visuals where the disaster strikes. The CGI is decent and you truly feel for the victims, although the film’s drama here is a bit over-the-top. Another plus is the film’s soulful music. Composed by Amit Trivedi and led by Arijit Singh, the songs are truly hummable and instantly likeable.

Sara Ali Khan virtually brings young Amrita Singh back to the screen. With the same appearance, voice and body language, she’s the spitting image of her mother. She’s absolutely confident, and definitely shows great potential. Sushant Singh Rajput is his usual charming self. He’s hardworking and a natural. It’s sad that the film doesn’t really provide the scope for him to shine. The remaining characters are mere caricatures.

To sum up, KEDARNATH is a strictly average film in all respects. Watchable, but not recommended!

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