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MUBARAKAN is inconsistent, but watchable!

Expectedly devoid of any logic, this latest comic caper from Anees Bazmee is fun in parts, and just about manages to keep you engaged throughout. While its long runtime and several long patches of dull moments do cause concern, it’s Anil Kapoor’s immaculate comic timing that saves the show, making it a decent entertainment option for you this weekend!

The story is about Karan and Charan – identical twins – who through a twist of fate end up becoming cousins. One brought up in Chandigarh and the other in London, they are as different as brothers can be. The fun starts when their families start searching for a bride for them, not knowing the fact that they already have girlfriends.

I agree that the film’s script is as pointless as a white crayon, but it’s wrong to expect anything apart from this when you’re entering the theatre to watch a comedy film by Anees Bazmee. You do expect some fun, which this film provides to a certain extent. The problem is that it isn’t as consistently funny as Bazmee’s NO ENTRY or WELCOME. It has several moments that evoke laughter, but they are relatively few and far between, especially for a film that runs for nearly quarter to three hours. Which brings me to the point of better editing, which could’ve trimmed this film down by atleast 30 minutes, if not more. The good news is, that the film doesn’t bore you.

Thankfully you have Anil Kapoor who makes sure you don’t leave the theatre in the middle of the film. Yes, he literally breathes life into long periods of dull proceedings that seem to be going nowhere. His energy is charming and his comic timing is simply brilliant. Half of the rating this film receives, is earned solely by Anil Kapoor. Arjun Kapoor is passable as the twin brothers and so are Ratna Pathak Shah and Pavan Malhotra. Rest of the cast just performs to fill in the gaps.

In all, if brainless, light entertainment is what you seek this weekend, this is the film for you. Expect less and you won’t be disappointed!

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