“MUNNA MICHAEL” is a predictable, unfunny crap!

Stereotyping Tiger Shroff yet again as the dancing-fight-machine, Sabbir Khan’s MUNNA MICHAEL lacks content, originality and even entertainment value. Even the presence of Nawazuddin Siddiqui can’t save this frail ship from sinking. This one’s a lost cause, don’t waste your time watching it!

The story – well, if you ask – is of a boy Munna (Tiger Shroff) from the streets of Teen Batti, who idolises Michael Jackson. Yes, that’s the thick plotline that Sabbir Khan plays with.

The film suffers with several flaws, which I don’t even want to begin discussing about. The performances are subpar, the screenplay is flawed, the music seems uninspired, and even the dance moves, which form the core of the film, fail to light-up your eyes. The fight scenes have a déjà vu feel to them if you’ve seen some of Tiger Shroff’s past work. The overall look and feel of the movie is jaded.

My job here as a film critic is to give you an advice, which I believe is loud and clear from the first two paras of this review. I feel, writing anything more will waste my time further, as if the nearly 2.5 hours wasted in watching this film weren’t enough.

So, to sum up, MUNNA MICHAEL is an irrelevant product, especially in this era witnessing great changes in Indian cinema. It even fails to be unintentionally funny. Baseless and bogus, stay far away from this one!

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