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NOAH is a spectacularly riveting biblical!
Despite its obvious flaws and some unwanted melodrama, the film brilliantly captures the legend with the help of immaculate CGI, a mostly riveting screenplay and solid performances.
The film tells the mythological story of Noah, who sees visions of an apocalyptic deluge and takes measures to protect his family from the coming flood by building an ark.
You may not be a viewer with a keen eye for special details, but if you have even a little information about the legend and apt attention throughout, you’re sure to be mesmerized. So much so, that you’re ready to overlook its majorly schmaltzy scenes and formulaic treatment. That’s basically because you’re totally glued to the story that unfolds. There are beautiful lifelike graphical creations of nature’s constituents in a scale so grand, that it immerses the whole of you and your attention. To be fair, there is a stretch of about half an hour in the first half, which does test your patience, and nothing really seems to be happening. But once the action starts, it all happens magnificently. The portrayal of the legendary magnanimous ark, that houses all different species of birds, mammals, reptiles and Noah’s family, is yet another highlight of the film.
There’s an amazingly striking scene in the second half where Noah explains to his family the evolution of the world. It’s so fascinatingly displayed that you’re literally spell bound for those five minutes. This is just one of the many resplendent scenes in the film that keep you hooked. The background score is truly absorbing and the ideas and thoughts provoked are equally inspiring.
The performances too are superbly poised. If you ignore the flaws of the script, you definitely have some of the best performances on display. Russel Crowe, Jennifer Connelly and Emma Watson clearly stand out with their moving acts, but all others are superb too.
In all, NOAH tells the timeless tale in a truly gripping manner, aided by sweeping visuals and strong performances. It’s a magnificent representation that definitely deserves a watch!
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