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OK JAANU is just okay!

Breezy and contemporary, this new age rom-com is passable entertainment, but fails to go any deeper than that. With basic content and clichéd screenplay, this cutesy drama only manages to remain charming throughout, without making any emotional in-roads. At best a decent pastime!

The story is about Adi (Aditya Roy Kapur) & Tara (Shraddha Kapoor), who move to Mumbai to pursue their dreams. A chance meeting sparks off a heady, no-strings-attached romance followed by a live-in relationship, until their careers pull them apart.

Talking about the good things first, the screenplay is light-hearted, surefooted and makes sure you’re kept interested throughout. Also, Mumbai hasn’t looked this beautiful ever in a Bollywood movie. The production values are high, the leads are charming and Rahman’s music is catchy. But the good things end right there. Mani Ratnam’s script is so surface-level that you’re surprised to note it’s written by him. Also, Shaad Ali hardly brings anything new to this remake, copying the original, scene-by-scene. Even the mood of the film is absolutely same and therefore serves no useful purpose. The whole package is so clichéd and the premise so simple, that you might forget the film just minutes after you leave the theatre. You may feel happy for the fact that you weren’t bored, but you’d never feel enriched at the end of it all.

The performances of the leads are believable throughout and that’s a refreshing aspect. ARK and Shraddha bring their youthful charm into the movie, but their characters are not layered enough to leave an indelible mark. Their immense chemistry is palpable, but it hardly does any good. The supporting cast is totally meaningless, just like the film itself.

In all, OK JAANU is a smooth sail while you watch it, but a forgettable experience. Watch it for some frivolous entertainment, not if you’re looking for satisfying stuff!

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