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“PK” is a sensible and wholesome entertainer!
An engrossing narrative springing out frequent surprises, a non-preachy but effective satire, consistently brilliant performances and extremely immersive songs, this yet another gem from Raju Hirani has it all. Barring the implausibility of the broader plot, there definitely isn’t anything that you can complain about in this beautifully crafted film.
The story is about a quirky, mysterious character (played by Aamir Khan) who everyone calls “PK” (meaning “Drunk”), because his childlike curiosity, naivety, and unforeseen genuineness makes people assume he’s tipsy. However, in his inquisitive innocence, he challenges people who are set in their ways for generations and compels them to reappraise their world.
Noble intentions coupled with superb execution is what makes Raju Hirani’s films stand out. He has a knack of making every scene work. Notwithstanding the improbable creative liberties that he usually employs, his films have the heartwarming charm that make you overlook all its flaws. Like all of his films, here too, he uses humour and satire to propagate his idea. For the most part, you find yourself cheerfully giggling and at the same time appreciating the beauty of the content. And when you’re not laughing, you’re still deeply engrossed in the emotionally moving screenplay. The narrative is well-paced, and never ever has a dull moment.
Scrubbing deeper into the surface, this film is essentially a spiritual odyssey. The idea of segregating the “GOD WHO MADE MAN” from the “GOD MADE BY MAN” is truly beautiful and it manifests seamlessly during the course of events. The discussions involving this are both inspiring and deep. But all this is so well adorned with humour and engaging breeziness, that you never find the depth heavy. Yes it bears a similarity to the broader idea of Paresh Rawal starrer OH MY GOD, but the storytelling and thought provocation is completely different. While all this can become extremely loud and preachy, director Raju Hirani skilfully avoids both of these and keeps you happily glued throughout.
Performances are superb. Aamir Khan, needless to say, is the key to PK’s successful idea execution. He looks every bit the character and makes every wide-eyed thing believable. He portrays the inquisitive naivety with such perfection that there’s not even a scope of nit-picking. Appearance, actions and expressions, he delivers everything effectively. Another feather in his illustrious cap. Anushka Sharma is vivacious and brings life to the layered character of a young lady who loves poetries and is in a quest of making life count. Her depiction of a regular youthful, concerned, imperfect but still ambitious girl is absolutely believable and she does a really fine job. Other highlights are Saurabh Shukla as the chief antagonist, Boman Irani in a brief but suitable role and Sushant Singh Rajput in an effective cameo.
In all, “PK” is a must-watch in every sense of the word. The film is an ambitious and a uniquely original exploration of complex philosophies. It fundamentally is a simple, funny and humane tale.


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