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“POORNA” is sweet and inspirational!

Filled with innocence, righteousness and true motivation, this Rahul Bose directorial has such an embracingly warm intent that it’s hard not to like the film. Aditi Inamdar’s honest performance wins you completely and despite being mostly surface-level the film definitely deserves a watch.

The film is about Poorna (played by Aditi Inamdar), a girl who created history on May 25, 2014, by becoming the youngest girl in the world to scale Mount Everest.

Director Bose makes sure he never takes a step wrong, even if that means treading a clichéd path. The screenplay consistently adheres to moral principles and there’s heartfelt emotion plugged into every scene. Being a classic underdog story, you root for the protagonist right from the word go. Apart from the awe-inspiring Everest summit story, the film touches upon various other themes like patriarchy and the state of education in rural India. While the focus always remains upon the core theme, these themes make the film more rounded and relevant. The bond of Poorna with her cousin Priya is also touched upon quite sensitively and it brings out some of the finest moments in the film.

Now talking of the few negatives, most characters are reduced to mere caricatures, especially those of the political influencers. Then the struggle story lacks the depth that you see in world class sports dramas. Even the final ascent moments seem too easy to be true. We all know how unimaginably tough this feat would’ve been for the little girl, yet you hardly realize the trek that takes her to the highest peak in the world. But all this is nit-picking in an otherwise very likeable success story.

The lead actors are swell. Aditi Inamdar, playing the amazing Malavath Poorna, is excellent to say the least. Her inherent innocence does most of the job and her natural performance is absolutely lovable. Although her character isn’t as nuanced as you’d like it to be, it sure is a commendable act. Rahul Bose playing Dr. Kumar, the idea and the motivation behind this incredible feat, puts in a genuinely hearty performance. Although too correct to be true, his depiction will nonetheless garner all the affection. Among others, S. Mariya, playing Priya (Poorna’s cousin), performs with all heart. Most of the other characters are just passable.

To sum up, POORNA is a film with great intent and encouraging content. A recommended watch for the whole family.

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