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Poster Boys
Poster Boys

POSTER BOYS is extremely silly!

While it earnestly tries to raise awareness for a cause, it never really rises above the low-IQ comedy that we’ve already had enough of. It may not be boring, but it’s so ludicrous that I wish they had only released that “Poster” to help the cause, instead of making this film. Not recommended!

This Hindi remake of the 2014 Marathi movie “Poshter Boyz”, POSTER BOYS features the lives of three ordinary men Vinay, Arjun, and Jaagavar, whose well-settled lives suffer an unexpected blow when they find their pictures on a poster promoting vasectomy. Being humiliated and ridiculed by the society and their own families, the three come together to fight for justice.

The film’s theme gives strong content for a great satire on the general mentality that people have on vasectomy. But Director Shreyas Talpade and Writer Sameer Patil seem contented with relying upon the same old slapstick genre to convey their message. Even the Indian mass viewing audiences have now matured, and have rejected such foolish comic capers frequently in the recent past. It isn’t a drag for sure, but with the level of comedy at display, it surely is a waste of your time and money. Even the performances are as stupid as the screenplay itself. Bobby Deol ends up at the bottom with an excruciatingly irritating performance. While Shreyas and Sunny Deol are passable, the others are totally unremarkable.

In all, POSTER BOYS is a dumb film with a notable cause. It definitely isn’t worth your time or money. Avoidable!

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