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Raaz Reboot
Raaz Reboot
“RAAZ: REBOOT” is a joke of a film!
Every move in this horror film induces unintended humour, which in itself is an insult to the genre. You are most likely to realize the suspense just half way through the film and if you still manage to sit through the irksome 2-hour runtime of this film, all you’ll see is funny ghosts doing funny things in crappy make-up. Wasting your time doing nothing at home will be more rewarding than watching this film. Avoidable by all means!


This horror film revolves around a married couple living in a haunted house in Romania. Shaina and Rehaan, the couple, begin to hide something from each other which eventually leads to greater ills in their relationship.

It’s films like these that make me hate my job at times. Sitting through two hours of utter non-sense is one cumbersome task. Especially because the product is so drab, that even writing about it is content-less. The fact is, director/writer Vikram Bhatt is content in using scenes and sub-plots from various old horror films and assorting them in the most tasteless manner. You see laughable exorcism, melodramatic psychometry, non-scary ghosts, highly pretentious use of the ‘F’ word, dumb friends, ridiculous developments and to top it all an insipid suspense. The only thing frightening now is the thought of sitting through the film again. It’s terrible in all aspects, barring the hummable music which is like liking the sauce in a terrible sandwich.
The fact that these actors agreed to be a part of such a subject is alarming. Especially Emraan Hashmi, who we know has come of age with films like Shanghai. Perhaps with an intention to regain his mass-appeal, he’s dived right back into the genre he’s thrived in, not realizing that the taste of the Indian audience has seen a sea change in the last couple of years. He needs to re-invent himself. Kriti Kharbanda puts in a lot of effort, but all in vain. Gaurav Arora struggles with his acting skills and so does the remaining cast of this strikingly stupid film.
To summarize, RAAZ REBOOT is a poor product in every sense, period. Stay far away!

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