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RAID is a gripping drama!

Inspired by the real life I-T raids that were conducted by Indian Revenue Services in the 1980s, RAID is a highly dramatized but mostly engaging feature film. It does feel stretched towards the end, but thankfully with a runtime of just 2 hours, you’re decently entertained. Definitely worth a watch!

Set in the 80s, RAID is the story of a fearless IT officer who carries out a non-stop raid at the mansion of the most powerful man in Lucknow despite all the attempts by the latter to get the officer removed.

Just like his film “NO ONE KILLED JESSICA”, Director Raj Kumar Gupta’s RAID is a consistently riveting crowd-pleaser, but doesn’t feel authentic enough. While the setting looks real, the scenes and events are just too over-the-top for a real-life incident. Even the dialogues are mainly aimed at playing it to the gallery. Having said that, as an entertainer, RAID scores high, and despite an overlong climax, the film has what it takes to hold your attention for all of its two hours. The dramatization is for the cinematic effect, which is totally understandable in an out-and-out commercial mainstream cinema piece. The film is paced well, and after the ridiculous first song that depicts the IT officer’s love story, thankfully there are no songs to interrupt the screenplay. It’s only in the last 30 minutes that the film feels a tad tiring.

Of the performers, Ajay Devgn is his dependable self, delivering the most balanced performance you could expect in such a role. His calm composure is evident even in his on-screen act, making him extremely likeable. Saurabh Shukla is the other highlight of the film. He does ham it up in some parts, but overall his performance adds plenty to the film. It’s his face-off with Devgn’s character, that forms the soul of the film. All others in the supporting cast are just passable and none really stands out as such.

In all, RAID is an entertaining film for most audiences, and despite all its flaws, is worth at least one viewing.

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