‘ZANJEER' is a stylish but terribly slapdash remake! If you haven’t watched the original “Zanjeer”, you’ll find this film extremely ridiculous. But...[Read More]

Chennai Express

‘CHENNAI EXPRESS' is a distinctively daft action comedy! It’s basically a typical Tamil film, characterized by wafer-thin, predictable plot, juvenile humor a...[Read More]

Shuddh Desi Romance

‘SHUDDH DESI ROMANCE' is refreshing, interesting, but never exceptional! It engagingly depicts the restlessness and commitment-phobia predominant in today’...[Read More]

B.A. Pass

‘B.A. PASS' is bold, dark and deeply disturbing! It’s a brilliantly written and very well executed Neo-Noir, which actually shakes you hard. ‘B.A. PASS' is ...[Read More]

Dark Souls II

Uniquely redefine long-term high-impact ideas without wireless data. Competently impact user friendly human capital and end-to-end ROI. Conveniently maintain ta...[Read More]

Lego Movie: The Game

Completely coordinate interdependent paradigms through proactive web services. Assertively underwhelm sustainable synergy and leveraged total linkage. Intrinsic...[Read More]

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