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“RRR” is an expansive visual spectacle that is magnificently engrossing!

Jaw-dropping visuals, coherently riveting screenplay and an impactful musical score form the nucleus of this massively mounted magnum opus that is RRR. Living up to the mammoth expectations from the master filmmaker Rajamouli, there’s nothing small or basic in this larger-than-life fictional pre-independence drama. Go for it! This is masala storytelling at its very best, the stuff that’s just tailor-made for the big screen.

The Plot: RRR is a period drama set in India during the 1920s, revolving around the inspiring journey of two of India`s freedom fighters - Alluri Sitarama Raju and Komaram Bheem.

SS Rajamouli comes from the region, where commercial film-making is all about ridiculous fight scenes, loud styling and incoherent songs and dance sequences. While his filmmaking is marked by the same mass-appeal, what sets him apart is his ambition of scale and vision of limitless possibilities. His strength lies in his ability to marry core sense with some crazy fantasy, that creates a blend which is as delicious as it gets in mainstream cinema. Even while you frequently find yourself questioning the reality of the content, you’re amazed by the sheer aspirational creativity that has gone behind bringing it on celluloid. It is this very quality that makes Rajamouli’s cinema an unparalleled experience, and him, a unique storyteller.

In every frame, you behold the gigantic efforts that have gone behind making it, and with every scene, you feel the pulse, which keeps you glued even for its marathon runtime of three hours. The action scenes also showcase some unbelievable ingenuity, making them so much more engaging for viewers of all kinds. The photography is marvellous and the VFX too is quite impressive. Each shot does justice to the epic scale of this film. But the technical highlight is the tremendous background score, coupled with songs which seamlessly blend with the narrative. Much of the throbbing pulse of RRR can be attributed to its brilliant score.

The lead performances are extraordinary. Ramcharan and Jr. NTR give RRR their all, and the result is terrific to say the least. Physically, their labour is clearly evident and truly laudable. Although expression nuances are not the most important element of such blockbuster action packages, yet, Jr. NTR shines bright in this aspect as well. His act is filled with emotions that give life to the drama at its core. Most of the screen-time is hogged by these two and their absorbing bro-mance. All others, including Alia Bhatt and Ajay Devgn, appear briefly, but play their parts adequately.

To sum up, RRR shows you how commercial mainstream cinema can be imaginative, yet accessible for the masses. It lights up the Indian big screen after a long time, and is truly a wholesome masala motion picture watching experience, that should not be missed!

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