RUSTOM is intriguing and engaging!
Based on a true incident, RUSTOM is stylishly mounted and interestingly narrated. Not devoid of flaws and despite being overdramatized, the film is a decent entertainer that absorbs you with its scheming screenplay. Akshay Kumar’s controlled charisma deserves applause. Definitely worth a watch this weekend!
RUSTOM is the story of a dashing naval commander, Rustom Pavri, who has a beautiful wife and a perfect world. Until one day he realizes his perfect life isn’t what he thought it was, on finding that his wife is having an affair with his friend. He darts three fatal gun shots on his friend turned foe, which changes their lives. In the wake of this event he has to uphold his own integrity and that of the nation.
Set in the 1950’s Mumbai, “Rustom” is a gripping tale about Pride, Passion and Power. While the script is far from perfect, the film has its share of highs that keep you riveted throughout. The delightful setup impresses you and the well-paced screenplay engrosses you completely. There are moments that seem convoluted, loud and overplayed, but none of it hurts as these are flaws usually forgiven in an Akshay Kumar film. As long as the film is interesting, it makes no difference. The narrative is quite unusual, that maintains a sense of mystery despite the obvious outcome. There is also a subplot, that just adds to the overall masala of the drama. Director Tinu Desai knows exactly what the masses want.
While the scenes displaying the courtroom drama are quite involving, they’re hardly convincing. There are bits put in merely to evoke forced humour and to feed on the low taste of the general mob. Then there are potholes in the plot so large that you eventually start ignoring them to have a good time. But the cinematography is dazzling and the songs too are lovely.
Akshay Kumar excels in what he does. He’s convincing as the officer he plays and his act is perfectly controlled throughout. He fits the role to a T. But the other performances are far from subtle. Each actor performs to get noticed. While it isn’t jarring, the tone of the film gets a tad less serious than it ought to be.
In all, RUSTOM is a slick crime-mystery that qualifies as a delightful pastime for you this weekend. Expect les and you won’t be disappointed.
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