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SAAHO is a bloated mess!

Confusing, ludicrous, nonsensical and extremely tedious, SAAHO is as much a waste of your money and time, as it was for its makers. Stay away!

The Story: Amidst a power struggle between higher authorities, unrelated episodes occur in parts of the world that are entwined in an unforeseen revelation of convoluted manipulations. SAAHO challenges (supposedly) the perceptions of the audience as to who is the hunter and who is being hunted.

Coming right after the BAAHUBALI franchise, Prabhas stars in this film which is a far cray from it. It’s terribly disjointed, unintentionally inaccessible, and a criminal waste of 350 Crores (the budget of this film). Much like any regular Telugu flick, SAAHO has an invincible, larger-than-life protagonist, dumb-as-a-dodo antagonists, over-the-top screenplay and unreal developments. Then you have some Abbas-Mustan style masala-twists, where people keep changing their loyalties every few minutes and you don’t know till the end, which side who’s on. This runs for nearly 3 hours, making it unbearable after a point.

Made on a massive budget, the film was basically aiming at milking the enormous star-pull of its lead Prabhas, which he gained from BAAHUBALI series of film. This basically meant, tapping into all the markets across India and abroad and making FastTrack moolah. But I’m sure that makes little sense in the long run, because all this trashy cinema only ends up tarnishing the actor’s worth. The writing is inextant, the direction is puerile and the acting is terrible. Even visually, the film isn’t as good as it was touted to be. The VFX is ordinary and so is the camera work. The music is highly disappointing.

The performances, as I said, are bad. Prabhas gives a lazy performance, which doesn’t befit his image. I saw it in Hindi, and his dialogue delivery was abominable. Shraddha Kapoor is passable and so are all others.

To sum up, “SAAHO” is a poor product that definitely needs to be avoided at all costs!

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