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Saat Uchakkey
“SAAT UCHAKKEY” disappoints and how!
Earthy feel, skanky wits, wild struggles and cussing dialect make for a promising scenario in this slice-of-life comedy. But with inconsistent fun and a disjointed screenplay that lacks finesse, the film is a major let-down, considering the heavyweight talent that appears onscreen. It’s an adult comedy that fails to impress!
“Saat Uchakkey” is a comedy about seven thieves who are proud of their profession. But with a weird new plan, they find themselves swamped in complications.
I personally found the trailer of this film highly appealing. With veteran actors at the helm of affairs, this comedy had mammoth potential and equal amount of expectations attached. Alas, the final product, which could’ve been genuinely funny, ends up being strictly average and underwhelming. Not only is the screenplay filled with gaping holes, it’s also poorly edited. There are evident cuts between the scenes and the final product on screen looks totally raw.
The gags are inconsistent and the truly funny ones are very few and far between. The whole comedy severely lacks the punch of the modern day classic that this film could’ve been. The use of cuss words is in abundance. While that hardly affects adults like me, the film is surely not meant for a family watch. These words give it a real flavour, and how I wish this was used smartly in a crisply edited screenplay. The overall production values are low and there appear several creative liberties that should’ve been avoided.
The actors perform well, but the power-packed cast is wasted in such a mediocre script. Manoj Bajpayee, Kay Kay Menon, Anupam Kher, Vijay Raaz and Annu Kapoor are stalwarts in their field and I hardly need to express what magic they’re capable of producing on celluloid. Sadly, there’s none of it that manifests here, owing purely to the limitations of the content at hand. Eventually you feel sorry for your expectations and also for this ensemble cast which is far from convincing.
In all, SAAT UCHAKKEY is funny in parts, but a let-down as a whole. Avoidable!

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