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SECRET SUPERSTAR isn’t perfect, but heart-warming and totally engaging!

Despite a predictably melodramatic plotline, SECRET SUPERSTAR is a sweet film about following your passion, liberation, and about the inexplicably special mother-daughter-love. There are flaws galore, but overall the film scores due to its brilliant performances and incisive depiction of basic human emotions. It is well worth your time this Diwali season!

The story revolves around fourteen-year-old Insia (Zaira Wasim) who aspires to become a famous singer, but her overbearing father stands in the way of her great dream. However, under a veil of anonymity, she soon becomes an internet sensation - a Secret Superstar. With the world in awe of her rare gift and a celebrated musician as a mentor by her side, Insia embarks on an exciting journey that changes her life and the lives of everyone around her.

While the film isn’t a marvel like most other Aamir Khan movies, it is still a well-made film which gives you ample content to perceive. Well-written characters and smart direction from writer-director Advait Chandan make it insightful and engrossing at the same time. I did find plenty of unconvincing bits in the screenplay and several scenes had an overdramatised effect (quite unlike an Aamir Khan film) yet these minor flaws didn’t really hamper my overall experience.

The highlight of the film though is the exceptionally moving depiction of the mother-daughter bond. Zaira Wasim as the talented young girl who day-dreams about stardom and thinks about a tune even in her maths class, is perfectly casted. She embodies the character impeccably, and is equally convincing as a caring daughter, deeply concerned for her mother. The role of Insia’s mother is superbly performed by Meher Vij, whose act displays remarkable layers of an oppressed woman and a doting mother at the same time. Aamir Khan comes in as a breeze of fresh air, in a role which is not even remotely similar to anything he’s payed yet. Special mention for Tirth Sharma, playing Insia’s best friend who’s totally besotted with her. Even Raj Arjun, playing the evil Dad/Husband, is menacingly swell.

In all, SECRET SUPERSTAR is a good film that totally deserves a watch this weekend, with your whole family!

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