SHAMSHERA is a tedious watch, and a major disappointment!

Lack of newness (both visually and in content), coupled with its tiringly long runtime, makes SHAMSHERA dull, boring and consistently uninteresting. Even the extremely earnest commitment of Ranbir Kapoor to his frail character, couldn’t save the day for this lacklustre film. Totally avoidable!

The Plot: The story of `Shamshera` is set in the fictitious city of Kaza, where a warrior tribe is imprisoned, enslaved and tortured by a ruthless authoritarian general Shudh Singh. It’s the story of a man who in his quest to break the shackles of slavery becomes a leader who fights for his tribe`s freedom and dignity.

Watching this film brought back the memories of famous misfires like “Mohenjodaro” and “Thugs of Hindostan” – both of which were big budget films, helmed by huge superstars, but bombed at the box- office. The key reason for their failure was the sheer lack of inventiveness and heft in the screenplay, making them a futile exercise which resulted in a complete waste of massive resources. SHAMSHERA feels no different. Made on a large 150-Cr. budget, the film truly fails to do justice to it.

To be honest, the film starts off rather well, showing promise, with large sets, an intriguing plotline and a mythological feel to the visuals. But as time passes, the plot becomes increasingly sillier, twists more senseless, and by the time the film reaches its climax, it becomes utterly ridiculous. If I think about it, even the plot seems to have a lot of promising elements on paper – a larger-than-life fantasy based in pre-independence era, an underdog revenge story, a hero that fights for freedom of his tribe and a film mounted with huge sets and expensive VFX. Perhaps this is what convinced a superstar like Ranbir to do the film. It’s in the execution that the movie flunks.

Visually, the film reaches the desired standard of presentation, but it never really goes beyond what you’ve already witnessed before. The background score is engaging, however the songs are just ordinary and totally unnecessary.

Ranbir Kapoor performs like he really is SHAMSHERA. His intense sincerity and commitment to his character is truly laudable, despite all the absurdity that’s happening around him. As a viewer, it’s sad to see such craft go to waste. Challenging himself physically as well, his act is the sole face-saver in this project. All other actors simply play the mundane and are overall unremarkable.

To sum up, SHAMSHERA is a film which seems to have set out with great ambitions, but lost its mojo somewhere on the way. Not worth your time, money and trip to the theatre. Avoid it!

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