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Shuddh Desi Romance
Shuddh Desi Romance
‘SHUDDH DESI ROMANCE' is refreshing, interesting, but never exceptional!
It engagingly depicts the restlessness and commitment-phobia predominant in today’s urban youth, and does so incisively, duly supported by a very talented bunch of actors. However, it misses that special touch that could have lifted this film from being just “good”, to “great”.
The film is about Raghu (Sushant Singh Rajput), who is suffering from pre-marital jitters. On his way to his wedding venue, Raghu meets Gayatri (Parineeti Chopra), an open minded, free willed, independent woman who lives life on her own terms. An already confused Raghu, heavily impressed by her freedom, acquires the guts to run away from his own wedding with Tara (Vaani Kapoor). A fortnight later, Raghu and Gayatri meet again, begin dating and immediately enter into a live-in-relationship. Soon, the two decide to get married. But, not everything goes as planned. Then out of nowhere, Tara emerges in his life again. Raghu, Gayatri and Tara – their lives crisscross, their beliefs get challenged, and their loves, tested.
What absorbs you in the movie ab-initio, are the veritably lifelike dialogues between the characters, which adeptly reflect the psyche of the young urban generation today. Their devil-may-care attitude and the inexplicably confused state of mind, despite the knowledge of just about everything. While the director, Maneesh Sharma, treats this story in a very run-of-the-mill manner, with relatable characters, and relevant conversations, he does go a bit too overboard with the situations. There are events that take predictable circles and are intentionally repetitive. Although it isn’t tiring, it makes you miss the emotional depth that could’ve been created, had the screenplay been more real.
Another peculiarity is the way in which the characters express their personal feelings. They frequently set themselves aside from the scene, and start talking with the audience, explaining their exact thoughts about whatever just happened with them. This does make sense, as, if nothing else, it does take you closer to the maker’s intent with the content. I still feel, a little more realistic approach in the screenplay could’ve brought in that profoundness that you associate with such a subject.
What you thoroughly love, are the characters in this film. The three leads, Sushant, Parineeti and Vaani are extremely loveable. Their warmth, their insecurities and their weaknesses totally involve you. Each of these characters leave an impression, and somewhere or the other, you see yourself in them. Especially Sushant and Parineeti, who literally make you believe they are Raghu and Gayatri. Sushant is an extremely natural actor. Observe him at his best in the scenes towards the end, where his confused mind renders him restless. So is Parineeti, who once again shows that she can pull off just about anything on screen. While she’s the bold independent girl who smokes drinks and is unperturbed by what others may think of her, she brilliantly depicts her vulnerability in a relationship. Vaani isn’t totally refined with her act, but still, is competent enough to grab attention amidst all the talent around. Rishi Kapoor is riveting, yet again. Each time he’s on screen, he nails it. Simply terrific. All others are extremely good.
In all, as I said before, SHUDDH DESI ROMANCE is good, but sadly not great. Nevertheless, it’s nothing like what you’ve already seen before, and totally deserves a watch!

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