“SINGH IS BLIING” is utter nonsense!
Driving on the star power of Akshay Kumar and intending to feed on the low taste of the mob at large, SINGH IS BLIING lacks story, sense, effective humour and good taste. Even leaving your brains at home might not make you like this pointless venture, which is nothing more than an arrant waste of time.
The story is about Raftaar Singh (Akshay Kumar), the apple of his mother's (Rati Agnihotri) eye, who is also the biggest irritant for his father (Yograj Singh). His father orders Raftaar to go to Goa to work for his friend there, and learn to take on responsibility. Once in Goa, he meets Sara (Amy Jackson), who’s from Romania, and thus begins their unique love story where they both can’t understand each other’s language. Emily (Lara Dutta) plays the translator for them, who almost ruins their budding love. What ensues is a comedy (read: stupidity) of errors, as one situation after another unfolds.
Right from the word go, there is puerile humour at display where the antics of Raftaar Singh land him and those around in some or the other implausible trouble. The level of comedy at offer can be enjoyed either by kids, or by those with very low IQ. Perhaps, that’s exactly who the makers were targeting with this product.
I would like to question the very intention behind making this film. Was it meant to honour the Sikh community? Because all it does is make a joke out of it. Or was it meant to make you laugh? Which I’m sorry, I hardly did in nearly 2.5 hours of its runtime. The aforementioned two can be the only two causes behind making this film, as there was, frankly, no content at all. It was as if they made a film without even writing a script and kept shooting with whatever came to their minds while making it.
In one scene, Akshay Kumar (apparently a highly timid man) walks a Lion around like a pet. I don’t know why that scene was even inserted there. There is disconnect and total lack of meaning and ideas throughout the film. The humour is either juvenile or crass. The production values are definitely high, and songs are lively. But that’s about it.
Akshay Kumar is the lifeline of this film. He’s the one who will draw the crowds in and he is the one who appears in every single frame. While his presence is magnetic, his energy is contagious and charm is extremely riveting, his choice of films is cringe-worthy. Going strictly by the content, this would unquestionably be among the worst movies of his two decade long career. Amy Jackson cannot act, neither is she required to here. Lara Dutta has a prominent role, but totally meaningless. All others simple surrender themselves to the low standards of this film.
In all, watching “SINGH IS BLIING” is sheer dissipation. It’s boring, stupid and totally avoidable!

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