BRAHMASTRA – Part One: Shiva

BRAHMASTRA is ambitious and spectacular, but feeble in its content! Packed with high octane action and stunning visuals, BRAHMASTRA – Part One is an enthusiastic jumpstart to a planned trilogy. However, with a story which is formulaic, yet occasionally overcomplicated, and overindulgent VFX coupled with a long runtime, BRAHMASTRA is a spectacle which excites and exhausts the viewers in equal me...[Read More]

Bell Bottom

BELL BOTTOM is engrossing, but it’s like a James Bond film for kids! While there’s over-the-top action, conveniently manipulative screenplay and daft characterizations, yet it somehow manages to keep you hooked through all of its 2-Hr runtime, mainly owing to the fast-paced narrative and Akshay Kumar’s unique flair. Watchable, but only as a guilty pleasure! The Plot: Amongst multiple heinous...[Read More]

Bhuj: The Pride of India

BHUJ – THE PRIDE OF INDIA is all noise, no substance! Dubious historical accuracy, unconvincing screenplay and extremely loud jingoism are the key highlights of BHUJ – THE PRIDE OF INDIA. While it’s fast-paced narrative doesn’t leave any scope for boredom, it’s the implausibility of events here that spoil the show. Unless you’re a fan of chest-thumping manipulation in the name of patriotism, st...[Read More]


MANMARZIYAAN is fresh and frothy, but flawed! Helmed by the extremely talented Anurag Kashyap, this modern take on a love-triangle is both pragmatic and veridical. However, with a runtime that’s a bit too long and a second half that seems to be stuck in a repetitive loop, the film loses some of the charm that it creates all through. Nevertheless, a novel story, strong performances and great music...[Read More]


TUBELIGHT has good intent, but virtually no content! For a film with a runtime of nearly 2.5 hours, all you see in the film is Salman’s endless wait for his brother, his extended sermon on ‘YAKEEN’ (Self-Belief), and him moving things by just raising his hands in an awkward position, without actually touching them. While it hits the right moral notes and is visually appealing, it is just too holl...[Read More]

Badrinath Ki Dulhania

“BADRINATH KI DULHANIA” is a breezy rom-com! Helmed by charming performances from its lead pair, this second rom-com in the “Dulhania” franchise is consistently funny, well-paced and highlighted by a progressive message at its core. Filled with colour, music, dance and fun-filled drama, BADRINATH KI DULHANIA is a recommended watch, if entertainment is all you seek this weekend. The story is abou...[Read More]

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