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THAPPAD is an incredibly moving piece of cinema!

Brilliant writing, effective narration and powerful performances make THAPPAD a must-watch. Pertinent and thought provoking, THAPPAD is the kind of issue-oriented cinema which sets the ball rolling and encourages conversation. Don’t miss it!

THAPPAD is a story of a woman who decides to stand up for herself even if it means it’s against her family, her husband and generations of mental conditioning. A slap forms the catalyst for her journey and a metaphor for the stories of many other women caught up in different versions of the same problem.

With THAPPAD, writer/Director Anubhav Sinha has perhaps come out with his strongest film ever. That’s saying a lot, especially when you know his last two films were the extremely powerful MULK and the masterfully ironic ARTICLE-15. Ofcourse that’s the whole filmography of the renewed Anubhav Sinha 2.0. His to-the-point screenplay makes the issue so much more accessible and the concern even more relevant. The art of subtly putting through an extremely strong message is something that Sinha 2.0 has been able to excel at, and with THAPPAD he achieves the next level – where even the people who it’s aimed at will love it, despite feeling embarrassed at their unwittingly conditioned deeds.

THAPPAD encourages dialogue over the concern, and that, I feel, is the biggest achievement of the film. Many films in the past have been able to raise awareness over this subject, but most of them have been graphic over physical violence. No other Indian film has been able to touch the subject of patriarchal conditioning so deeply and so effectively as THAPPAD does. Without ever going over-the-top or reducing characters into caricatures, THAPPAD moves at an engaging pace for all of its 140 minutes. Rich in metaphors, the film’s first few and the last few scenes leave an indelible mark. The music is also deftly integrated.

The performances are superb. Expectedly, Taapsee Pannu is the soul of this drama. The pitch of her act is just perfect and her emotions ring the right bell every single time. She’s phenomenal to say the least. Pavail Gulati is also quite good with his first performance. Of the supporting cast, Kumud Mishra and the legendary Ratna Pathak Shah deserve special mentions. All others are swell.

To sum up then, THAPPAD is sharp, well-directed, eye-opening and germane. A must-watch by all means!

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